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Wired Island becomes a McIntosh Labs Authorized Dealer

McIntosh Laboratory Inc. of Binghamton, NY authorized Wired Island Inc., a Home Automation and Entertainment company based in Largo, FL as an authorized dealer this month.  McIntosh is a leading manufacturer of high end fine audio and home theater systems. 

Lance Coraggio, Co-Founder and COO, stated, we are very pleased to announce this today.   Being a McIntosh dealer places Wired Island amongst the top tier of AV dealers in the Southeast US.   He further states that this announcement reflects well placed confidence in the future growth of Wired Island’s business and ongoing commitment to quality products.   We’re very focused on the strategic recommendations we make to our clients and we feel that recommending McIntosh products will allow our clients to have the best options in home theatre systems, audio and video systems. 

About Wired Island

Wired Island, Inc. Tampa Bay Florida’s premier Electronics Systems Contractor since 2004.  Wired Island’s staff has installed premium, innovative A/V systems in hundreds of homes, condos, businesses, dining establishments, island resorts, luxury spas, fine properties – even aircraft, worldwide! We truly care about our client-family and will be there for you from the initial consult and idea session, to system design, all stages of installation and throughout your years of enjoyment. At Wired Island we LOVE what we do. But most importantly, we are PASSIONATE about the fulfillment of your vision.  Wired Island can be reached at 727-596-6030 or by visiting our website at www.wiredisland.com.

About McIntosh Labs

Since the Golden Age of Audio, McIntosh Laboratory, Inc. has defined the highest quality in sound reproduction and continues to set the standard for performance and reliability in fine audio and home theater systems. McIntosh is still hand-crafted in New York by a dedicated staff whose contributions have shaped the foundation of the company into the institution it is recognized as today. Their furious dedication to design integrity and innovation has resulted in more than 35 patents for McIntosh Laboratory.


Welcome to WordPress.com. This is our first post. We’re Wired Island and this is our blog compliments of Ivy, moi…  I have been urged by many to do a blog so here it goes.  I named the blog after the company I co-own with my husband, Lance.  We are very interested in the greening of our world and how we can take our present business model where we do all things custom electronics in a home, and use the power of technology to help save power, energy, and time.